join [join]
[ME joinen < OFr joindre < L jungere, to bind together, YOKE]
1. to put or bring together; connect; fasten
2. to make into one; unite [join forces, join people in marriage]
3. to become a part or member of; enter into association with [to join a club]
4. to go to and combine with [the path joins the highway]
a) to enter into the company of; accompany [join us later]
b) to participate or take part with [they join me in congratulating you]
6. Informal to adjoin
7. Geom. to connect with a straight line or curve
1. to come together; meet
a) to enter into association
b) to become a member of a group or organization: often with
3. up
4. to participate (in a conversation, singing, an activity, etc.)
a place of joining; joint
join battle
to start fighting or competing
SYN.- JOIN is the general term implying a bringing or coming together of two or more things and may suggest direct contact, affiliation, etc.; COMBINE implies a mingling together of things, often with a loss of distinction of elements that completely merge with one another [to combine milk and water ]; UNITE1 implies a joining or combining of things to form a single whole [the United States ]; CONNECT implies attachment by some fastening or relationship [roads connected by a bridge, the duties connected with a job ]; LINK1 stresses firmness of a connection [linked together in a common cause ]; ASSOCIATE implies a joining with another or others as a companion, partner, etc. and, in extended use, suggests a connection made in the mind [to associate Freud's name with psychoanalysis ]; CONSOLIDATE implies a merger of distinct and separate units into a single whole for resulting compactness, strength, efficiency, etc. [to consolidate one's debts ] -ANT. SEPARATE, PART2

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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